Hello Praying Friends:

We had a wonderful holiday season with the kids joining us for Christmas.
I was humbled to see many of you write notes to me celebrating my birthday. Shawna and Sterling went sneaking behind my back to pull this one off. I was blessed, deeply touched, humbled and much more Bless you all!!
Here are a few Kingdom Assignments  to pray for over the next two weeks:
1. January 19: Cracking the DNA Code of the cultures of the world: I teach a cultural seminar this Saturday at Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Sinking Springs, PA. to their short term teams. I’ve put this seminar together to aid churches in their short term efforts. I am very excited about this one.
2. Sunday January 20:Stagecoach Road Christian Fellowship in NJ. Dear friend, former student and pastor, Thomas Loman. I’ll speak on: Next Generation Leaders: Mentoring the Perfect of Aiding the Needy, 2 Tim. 2:2.
3. Sunday January 27: Teach the Perspectives Course for dear friend, Fran Patt at Grace Bible Fellowship Church in Wallingford, PA.
Every church should host at some point a Perspectives Course. It gives a global vision for faith and mission like few courses I’ve seen.
Thanks for your prayers. We love you all.

Jim and Sterling