Dear Praying Partners:

Speaking in October included a Spiritual Warfare Seminar, Perspectives Course, Keynote at a key black church partner (on Jonah, no less!!), on the Ekklesia of God to 80 university students at our headquarters, all considering going global; Sterling joined the Clarion Team in training leaders; God granted much power; your prayers made a difference. Thanks.
Here is how November is shaping up: Please join us in prayer.
Nov. 3: Speaking at Goshen Baptist Church in West Chester, PA; theme is God Invades the Pagan World…and uses us in the invasion. We get to see Shane as well.
Nov. 4-5: Board Meetings with ABWE, Finance and Foundation Board meetings; my first exposure to linking values and alignment in the demands of the budget. Pray for wisdom.
Nov. 5-7: Sterling and Shawna fly to Chattanooga to secure our household goods and have then sent to our new home here in New Cumberland, PA. Pray for safety and strength. They get to see Tiffany as well.
Nov. 9-17: Sterling and I join Duane and Sue Early, our VP for Global Ministries, to visit our colleagues in ABWE in China. I can’t wait to walk the streets with them to feel the pulse of God’s call upon them.
ELC: Jared Tuttle and Scott Pleasants are with us today meeting and becoming acquainted with the ABWE Family; along with Shawna, our daughter, they are part of the Dream Team that serves to see the June ELC become a reality.
Nov. 28: Thanksgiving with my Mom; at age 93 we do not anticipate many more Thanksgivings with Mom.

Blessings to all
Jim and Sterling O’Neill
The Center for Global Mission