2023 Conference

The time where real change takes place.  NextGen Leaders Conferences facilitate conversations leading to movement, renovation, healing, and creating impact. NextGen Conferences seek to change the world through discipleship and mentoring, soul care and healing.

2023 Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Abiding In The Mission Of God…

Our Grounding Texts: 
Genesis 12: 1-3 (Blessing)
John 15 (Abiding)

Our April 23-28, 2023 NextGen Leaders Conference will explore two profound yet intersecting truths for our NextGen Leaders. Each of our gatherings includes key aspects of both mission and team life.

This season we will press into the place of Blessing and the household movements to Christ among Peoples. This vision of mission given to Abraham helps re-imagine the Great Commission as extended blessing and hope to all Peoples.

But what type of servant delivers this Blessings to all the Families of the Earth? We will stop long enough to listen to Jesus’ classic call to abide and how He couches it in such creative metaphors as wine, branches, grapes, fruit bearing, suffering and witness.

We seek to help NextGen Leaders re-imagine the kind of soul practice that guides them into a lifetime of abiding in Jesus that then leads them to the place of Blessing the clans of the earth.

A word about lodging/food: We raise funds from friends who believe in the work of the NextGen. So we are thankful each time that we can provide housing and food free of charge. The $155 is an admin fee and non-refundable. We are most thankful to the Lord that resources are provided for your growth in ministry capacity both for your soul and your team.

Transportation: If your ministry budget does not permit you to take care of your flight transportation we can assist you both in booking and helping get you to Lancaster for the conference. Scholarships are available as funder permit.

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