2021 Conference

2021 Conference in Willliamsburg, Virginia

Cultivating Effective Teams…

For the past three years we’ve given thoughtful attention with our NEXTGEN friends to tend well to their souls in the task of the spiritual battle that takes place through Gospel ministry. But, we are not finished yet with this soul-care tending process for these friends.

Our Envision (Discernment) Team feels compelled to include another crucial factor to aid our younger friends, namely, the cultivation of effective teams. We will pursue understanding how to build ministry teams together around Jesus that shape souls and inform the missional task of soil cultivation.

Cultivating the soil of healthy teams directly impacts the souls of individual team members, elders and deacons, and just as important, influences how the Gospel goes forth into the nations.

So, we plan to include these two: Soul Care and Soil Cultivation.

Virtual also?: If delegates cannot make it to the USA due to the ongoing effects of COVID 19 we will plan to offer a virtual form for the conference.

A word about lodging/food: We raise funds from friends who believe in the work of the NextGen. So we are thankful each time that we can provide housing and food free of charge. And the $110 is the admin fee and non-refundable. We are most thankful to the Lord that resources are provided for your growth in ministry capacity both for your soul and your team.

Transportation: If your ministry budget does not permit you to take care of your flight transportation we can assist you both in booking and helping get you to Williamsburg for the conference. We’ll ask all to arrive on Sunday, Oct. 10.

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