Dear extended Next Gen Community,

Here is our second article anticipating our April conference coming from a wise and godly voice. Marv Brubacher brings leadership gifts, and experiences from formal theological training to pastoral leadership and now director of Mentor Link Canada from which he gets to bless the Global church. He is also a great friend to the Next Gen Community.  

In Marv’s article, we will get a glimpse into how best to steward the insights we will glean from our week together. Be blessed by his insights and steward well the gift God is giving us going forward.

 Enjoy!  Richest Blessings,

Jim and Sterling O’Neill
NGLC Founders

Next Gen Leaders Conference (NGLC) 

Message from Marvin

March 1, 2020

In less than two months, we will gather together for a special week engaging with God and with many spiritual leaders. I am very grateful for the vision and passion that Jim and Sterling O’Neill and their core team have for these unusual gatherings. 

This will be my third opportunity to participate in a NGLC. I keep coming back for several reasons. First, my soul is always massaged deeply by the presentations of the key speakers and by the discussions in our small groups. I leave enriched and challenged in my own walk with the Father. 

Second, I love meeting all of the delegates that are invited to come. I love your energetic enthusiasm as we worship together and your engaging stories of how the grace of God is sustaining and changing your lives. You bless and encourage me to stay fresh and fruitful in my walk with God. 

Another reason why I continue to come to NGLC is the opportunity to participate as a mentor to younger leaders. Along with my fellow mentors, I enjoy giving my life to those who are members of my group during the days of the event. 

I am also glad that we make plans to meet on line at least once or twice after the gathering concludes. These follow up activities are important as we hold each other accountable for the intentional actions we decided to make during the week. 

I encourage each delegate to plan ahead to prioritize these mentoring meetings as part of the overall impact of the conference. Also, I encourage you to take advantage of any offer your mentors make for personal interaction after the conference concludes. 

Here is another idea I would like every conference participant to consider. Ask God for guidance in building one or more peer mentoring relationships during our time together. I often describe a peer mentoring relationship as “friendship on steroids.” Peer mentors are people at your stage of life with whom you can have important conversations on serious topics. 

These intentional/accountable relationships have a foundation of trust and mutual interests. What a special gift God may give you during the week we share together – a peer mentor for life!    

In Jim’s email message last week, he shared that the conference focus will be on prayer and the ministry of the Word. As you read the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, observe how these two activities form a crucial foundation for mentoring relationships; we hope you establish and enjoy similar relationships as you participate in this year’s NGLC.    

-Marvin Brubacher