NextGen Apostolic Entrepreneurial Leader Conference


Virtual Leadership Event for our

NextGen Community
August 14, 2020


In our recent virtual NextGen Leaders Conferences we discovered a core group of Apostolic—Entrepreneurial–Leaders. So, we have put in motion a one-day 4-hour virtual meeting for this unique and gifted group of creatives in the task of bringing transformation to areas of influence.  

What is the point of the virtual gathering and its value to all of us? 

Each of you invited, bring unique gifts and callings to your respective work and ministry. 

We pulled together three words to provide a descriptor in an attempt to capture what we are sensing from the Lord for you. No one word seemed to fit. 


Apostolic: pioneering, creative, launching initiatives with a profound disquiet toward what is;

Entrepreneurial: discovering and creating fresh streams and structures to bring Gospel change; 

Leader: influence those in your sphere of influence bending in the path toward Jesus

So, we see you in various integrative connection points with these words: How can Apostolic, Entrepreneurial, Leaders grow in their capacity as creatives, servants, dreamers, creators of organizations, guiding ideas and organizations forward? and movement leaders? Thinking with King David and the ancients of old, we will look in our 4-hours together around two crucial dimensions to leading: hearts that pursue integrity and hands that seek to lead skillfully. 

Our grounding text will be:
Ps. 78:72, ‘With INTEGRITY of heart he shepherded them and guided them with SKILLFUL hands.’

We have an amazing group of godly, veteran and wise global leaders to pour into our young friends for the day. Steve Adams and Ed McManness represent our three words and have demonstrated their capacities as apostolic, entrepreneurial, leaders and agreed to pour into us for the day. Fran Love joins us as well and all of you know the gifts she brings into the NextGen space. Finally, we have Chris Wilson who is a dear friend of the NextGen to share his experiences in growing and sustaining a successful company. 

Come join us as we glean together from the wise, ancient Scriptures and contemporary leaders to grow us in capacity to lead and love well for our day.