I was invited by Yvonne Miller and she didn’t have a great explanation of what NextGen was but the invitation was there. Thanks, Yvonne!

I wasn’t sure what to expect. The place I was at, the things God was doing, I really didn’t think I needed to upset my schedule with time away from ministry and the goal set before me.

And not really knowing what it was about, that it might be a retreat, it might be a conference. I was certain of one thing this Next Gen was a THING. It was this THING that I didn’t know anything about, What is this THING? So imagine my relief when on the first day I hear Jim saying he doesn’t even have a name for this THING! My thought was oh good I’m not the only one that doesn’t know, the leader doesn’t even know! Thanks, Jim!

In meeting people it just got more confusing as to what this thing was. Meeting people who had many years in ministry and some who had few years, some who just were starting, and others who had cycled through many ministries. The question was why are these people here, What do they get out of this, and again WHY?

Of course, after the first day seeing the outpour of the Holy Spirit and seeing the commitment to service to God that each person had, made me realize I was right at home. A place that isn’t often found in ministry, a place that should rather be relished as an oasis from the routine intensity of ministry and work.
A retreat… yeah but more than that… more like an oasis for the soul, to see that we aren’t alone, to view the body of Christ in action. I didn’t just see the Body of Christ in action in other Pastors, Missionaries, or others in ministry I saw it in the cooks, the speakers the drivers (Abe!), and of course “The Shawna” like a friendly terminator! Shawna you did a great job you emailed me out of the blue and made me feel right at home, and part of the family.

Anyway, my last thought is, unity created around one singular goal loving on the Lord doesn’t need a title but I guess it has one already, Bride of Christ. Take that atmosphere from Next Gen. and foster it everywhere you go and in all you do, even in the mundane.

Thank you all, and I mean every single one of you!