Dear Praying Friends:

We’ve spent the last few days with ABWE getting acquainted with the home office, board of trustees and new missionary appointees. Today we are in Washington, D.C. joining their Missionary Enrichment for all on Home Ministry. We are deeply enjoying these first touches and so appreciate the synergy we’ve felt with the team we are about to lead.
A few Prayer Items:
Tonight, we are introduced to about 350 of their mission family and I’ll speak to them on Gospel Values that transcend time and place. Please pray as we move into these early days of relationship building.
Sunday, July 28, we will be commissioned and sent from our home church, Church of the Highlands, as we venture into our next Kingdom Assignment to serve with ABWE in PA. Any of our friends and partners from the Chattanooga area are invited to join us either for theĀ 9:15amorĀ 10:45am.
Monday, September 16, ABWE will host our Installation Service. It will be held in the Harrisburg area. More on this later.
Tiffany and lodging: Still working on room and board needs for Tiffany in the Chatt. area. Please continue your prayers for this need.
Our Center for Global Mission will soon have another video up and ready. In the meantime, keep checking our FB for pics and action in our travels.
We love you all
Richest blessings
Jim and Sterling O’Neill
The Center for Global Mission