Dear Praying Friends:


Nov. 22: Happy Thanksgiving to all: Grow in your attitude of gratitude.


Nov. 17-18: 1st Baptist Marion: This weekend we join partner and dear friend, Chris Wilson, and we speak at his home church, 1st Baptist in Marion, AR. We’ll speak on the Great Commission and the call to train leaders for the Global work of God. Pray with us for impact.


Nov. 19: Branson: We’ll be with dear friends from TTU days, Jeff and Penny Elliott to share our ministry equipping Emerging Leaders with his church in Branson, MO.


Nov. 30-Dec. 2: Faith in Canada: I join Pastor Mike Comtois of Faith Evangelical Bible Church in Winkler, MB in Canada just north of North Dakota to speak on leadership development for the local church. We met Mike while with David Nelson’s Global Conf in the Philippines. So impressed with Mike’s wisdom to grow leaders from his local church. Mike will join our ELC in June of 2013 in Philadelphia. Pray for growth as a potential partner.


Sterling and Shane travel to Phila for the wedding of Nicole Miller, daughter of dear friends and partners with us in the ELCs, Yvonne and Ken Miller. They will also meet with partners along the way and have sweet time with Shawna and Matt.


Thanks gain for praying. Our partners grow and the affirmation from the Body of Christ to mentor next gen leaders is near unanimous. This is a huge need in the Body.


Love you all

Richest blessings

Jim and Sterling O’Neill