Dear Prayer Partners:

Thanks for joining us often to pray for the needs and assignments the Lord places before us. Your prayers make a Kingdom difference.

Here is how October is shaping up: Emerging Leaders Conference is now set for next June 2014. Thrilled to be hosting our 7th!! Go, God!!

Oct. 10: Colleague Duane Early from ABWE joins me in Pasadena to engage the USCWM and think through a more intimate partnership with the Perspectives Movement.

Oct. 14-17: Sterling joins Clarion Model colleagues in the Lancaster area to provide training for those wishing to grow in team leader skills through the Clarion Model. This is so COOL to see Sterling make contribution to leadership development.

Oct. 16-18: ABWE donor meetings in Indianapolis area; what a privilege to meet with long-time donors who love and believe in the work of ABWE.

Oct. 19: Spiritual Warfare Seminar at Church of the Savior. COS has been long time friends and partners in much of our Next Gen work. What a privilege to give back. Join us if you are in the area.

Oct. 24: teach Perspectives at Two Rivers Church in Lenoir, TN. near Knoxville, TN. Those in the TN area please join me for this course. Incredible curriculum to build disciples with a global vision.

Oct. 27: Calvary Evangelical Baptist Church, mission conference with theme, Arise, Go, Preach; from Jonah 3:2; joining ABWE Board member, Allen McFarland in this amazing African American church with a great heart for the nations.

Family Front:

Tiffany, our youngest, was in an accident Saturday night in which her car was totaled but she walked away without injury. PRAISE God!! Sterling flew to Chatt on Sunday to aid her with needs and another car. Pray for another car search and many hugs for Tiffy.

Sterling and I just purchased a home and moved in this past week; it is wonderful to have a place for rest and mission as we continue to live out the teachings of Jesus.