We launch into the Fall season getting ready for some significant Kingdom activities. Please pray with us for God’s great hand of power to be upon this work at ABWE.
Monday, Sept. 16: we have our Installation service to lead ABWE. (Join us if in the area; let me know.) Dream Team-ers Doug Anderson (see Doug’s video clip from the last ELC, outstanding; enjoy;  http://vimeo.com/73569425 ) and Fran Patt join the lineup that night to speak into our coming role at the mission. Shane, our son, speaks as well which is pretty cool.
Tuesday, Sept. 17-18: we join ABWE yearly Board Retreat. The Board of Trustees wisely includes a retreat yearly to give attention to leadership development at the Board level and with the senior leadership of the mission. Great idea. We’ll begin the conversation on the values present and future that will guide ABWE into our God-envisioned future. May God grant His favor upon our coming days of service.
Please join us through prayer in this assignments for next week.
Family Front: we just celebrated Shawna’s birthday; Shane is back in community college in the Philly area; Tiffany is working and growing in life experiences in TN; Kelli is on the family way with her child due in February. All kids and the girls spouses will be with us for the coming Installation this weekend and for Monday. What a joy that will be.
Please pray with us.
Love to you all
Jim and Sterling O’Neill
The Center for Global Mission