Dear Prayer Partners:

We are one month away for our next Emerging Leaders Conference. The Global Leaders are set; the Dream Team is set; the Mentors are ready the Delegates are set. Each week we’ll outline key players for you to pray over.
Training and mentoring next gen leaders is crucial. We see this mandate emerge from the command of 2 Tim. 2:2. This is how leaders are reproduced to be Gospel saturated leaders who in turn train other leaders. Paul’s model is quite organic. We attempt to flow in this stream. Your prayers are crucial.
The Dream Team: Sterling and I assemble a team to partner with us for one week. They bring years of experience, love and passion to the task. Additionally, they are dear friends to Sterling and me so we have the added bonus of enjoying ministry partners who are like brothers and sisters to us.
The Team:
Pastor Doug Anderson: great veteran pastor with the wisdom that comes from the long obedience, former missionary and mission executive; Doug helps me facilitate the week by guiding the week’s program.
Josh Davis: worship leader, founder of Proskuneo, brings a global vision to his worship that few other worship leaders understand.
VT: former student of mine, now veteran missionary; he has been part of our ELCs for all these years and brings insights into teaching the Word that are breathtaking. It is crucial that younger leaders see other younger leaders handle the Word well. This year we will have a number of other younger leaders aid him.
Fran Love: great veteran missionary and leader with her husband, Rick. Fran handles the Word for us and mentors women throughout the week; we are blessed to have this level of depth to pour into our delegates.
Joe Frejosky: VP of Student Development at TTU, Joe brings this natural bent to mentor in all he does. He has helped us refine what the mentoring week will look like. Great addition to the team.
Yvonne Miller: member of the host church in Wayne, PA., dear friend to the family and servant of servants; Yvonne works with Sterling in finding homes for the delegates and does the cooking during the week; incredible servant.
Jared Tuttle: my assistant who aids in the social media but will work all the logistical details with Shawna during the week; gifted young leader in his own right.
Next week I’ll list and we’ll pray for the Mentors. 

We love you all
Jim, Sterling and Shawna (How cool is it to have your daughter as admin!)